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COVID19 update: Now includes ‘Virtual events’!
No need to feel isolated during these uncertain,simply join a Virtual Event…
or create your Own. Chat to someone from the comfort of your own home.

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We understand

Feeling lonely and isolated affects all of us at sometime or other.  For many COVID19 means being stuck at home thanks to Social Distancing but that’s nothing new for some!

Isolation can leave people ‘out of practice’ at having a conversation with others. How nice it would be to find someone else to chat to for the odd half hour, to chat over a coffee or dine with someone new.

Using Daft Salad’s Virtual Event to find someone you can chat with from home.  Or, if off shopping, why not find someone to meet over a coffee. And if you’re away from home on business, no need to dine alone in the evenings, using Daft Salad you can find someone with similar interests.

If your activity involves a cost such as eating out, each member simply pays their own way.

Social Distancing

COVID19 has led to misery for many, especially for people living alone, who are shy, lacking in confidence, self-esteem, or shielded due to risk from the Coronavirus.

In response to the impact of this, Daft Salad created Virtual Events to allow you to chat to someone without even leaving your home.

You can find someone or small groups with similar interests to chat with.

Taking that first step can open up a whole new future and it becomes easier each time and leading to new and long lasting friendships. With Daft Salad there is no commitment to join groups or activities as each event is unique.